Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nature Unleashes...Biodiversity

Biodiversity may be a buzzword, but as a concept it sits at the heart of ecological research. Some ecological communities, such as pristine coral reef systems, are astonishingly rich in the number and types of species that they support, whereas others are relatively species poor. Natural communities also differ greatly in the proportion of species performing different ecological functions. What determines such differences and how these differences are related to ecosystem functioning are questions that have occupied the minds of ecologists for decades.

But these questions are so much more pressing now. We live at a time of rapid environmental change, resulting largely from our own activities, and a concomitant, accelerating rate of habitat loss and species extinctions. Like children playing with fire, we do not fully understand, and therefore cannot predict, the ultimate consequences of tampering with global biodiversity.


At 12:01 AM, Blogger softhunterdevil said...

Why God created so many varities of life ...???

There must be some reason...

like ... mutual chain...ecosystem...symbiosis

God wants to keep everything balanced to sustain this lively planet ...

Think what happens if this balance is devastated !!!

biswasenator tried to explore the possibilities.


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